Parker Urban Premium Pearl Ballpoint Pen and Notebook Gift Set (1905301)

Parker Urban Premium Pearl Ballpoint Pen and Notebook Gift Set (1905301)

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The Parker Urban Collection Flawless Performance Dare to stand out from the crowd. Make a statement with each curve and line that you draw by using a Ballpoint pen from the Parker Urban Collection. Ergonomic construction combined with a stunning finish puts a wealth of elegance at your fingertips. Choose from a variety of lacquered pens that capture the eye with their unique sheen and intricate detailing. With each stroke of your hand, bold ink flows from the reservoir and around the metal ball at the pen?s tip to create clear, crisp penmanship. Choose from a variety of body finishes and metallic trims to find the style that best speaks to your sensibilities. Handcrafted into contemporary designs Reliable flow of ink from reservoir to metal ball tip Bullet-shaped construction with modern detailing Available in 8 body finishes with 2 trim options

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